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The Mission of The Dream Center is to assist at-risk youth and their families in becoming responsible and self-sufficient members of the community.

Evansville #64 feeds about eighty hungry youths once a month at the Dream Center. These young kids sure are hungry! Many make their way back to the serving line for second and even third helpings.

HELPING YOUR FELLOW MAN: Isn't it amazing how much better we feel about ourselves when we do something for someone in need! How much greater is that feeling when the person you help is a child? And how much more when your efforts keep that child from going to bed hungry? Brothers, we need your help. Not everyone can come to the Dream Center to cook and clean, but almost everyone can do something:

*Maybe you could donate a few dollars each month to help cover the cost of these meals.
*Maybe you can donate some non perishable food items that would help offset our costs.
*Maybe you know someone in business who would like to help us with this worthwhile project.
*Maybe you could make something from your home kitchen. It is up to you.

This community service truly brings honor to our fraternity as well as to each man who calls himself a Mason. As individuals we can do little, but as a group we can do anything. Your help will make a difference! Contact Brother Ken Roy for further information about this vital community project.