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The Worshipful Master has extended his invitation to you and your lady to attend our traditional “Ladies’ Night” celebration.

Please join us for a nice dinner, some good conversation, and a few friendly remarks from our worshipful master. We might even use this time to thank a few of our special friends who have given so many years to this fraternity.

When: DECEMBER 10th
Time: 6:30 PM
Where: Hadi Shrine Red Fez Restaurant (2nd Floor)
RSVP: 812-484-9625 or Kenneth.royjr@gmail.com.
Cost: Your companionship for the evening.

Dress code will be sport jacket and tie for the men; Dress or pant suits for the ladies.

Thank you;

Michael Barker, II; Worshipful Master

We are going to be very busy this year.

*Visiting other lodges, and making plans to visit many other lodges throughout the year.
*Keeping our eyes open for that good man that would make a good candidate for Masonry.
*Visiting our sick and shut-in brothers.
*Contacting our members,via the Grand Lodge Birthday list.
*Visiting brothers who are requesting demits, and or remits.
*Utilizing electronic medium to speed up lodge communications.
*Utilizing "Calling Post" to send recorded phone message to our members.
*Improving ritual presentation through scheduled practices.
*Continuing with our community outreach efforts at the Dream Center.
*Helping young parents protect their children through our Ident-a-kit program.
*Sharing more social time with our associated lodges in Evansville
*Increase the number of family outings this year
*Working with some established local charities to benefit our community
*Working to compliment the efforts of our appendant bodies, such as York and Scottish Rite
*Doing everything that we can to make being a Mason fun & exciting.