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2017 Officers

Worshipful Master:   Douglas R, Weightman, PM
Worshipful Brother Douglas Weightman came to us as a transfer from Reed Lodge #316. Doug brings to Evansville a strong family tradition within the craft. His father, brother, and son are all members of the fraternity and Doug is a Past Master of Reed. He will serve us well in the role of Worshipful Master for 2017.
Senior Warden:
Jeremy Hoesli

Jeremy Hoesli has been a driving force within the lodge since he joined only a few years ago. He was the first one in Evansville Lodge to receive the "Grand Lodge Rookie Award", which was no easy task to achieve. He has served in junior officer positions, on committees and even as Trusty. He now has his focus on fulfilling the role as a leader of this lodge for years to come. We are lucky to have him serving us at Evansville #64
Junior Warden:
Jonathon Lacer

Jon was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in 2013 and has been a valuable member of this lodge ever since that day. He went straight to work, help out wherever possible, even earning himself a "Grand Lodge Rookie Award". Jon has served on various lodge committees and as an officer since he was raised. His enthusiasm, and devotion to our craft serves to inspire many others around him. This year Jon has been entrusted with the role of Senior Deacon. He will bring real dignity to that honorable post.

Jon is a life long resident of Evansville, and graduated from Benjamin Bosse High School in 1998. Jonathan has worked for Springleaf Finance (formerly American General) for 15 years in various capacities, currently specializing in regulatory compliance. He is also a member of Trinity Anglican Church, and serves on the church's Vestry.
James A. West PM 32 MSA

Raised to the sublime Degree of a Master Mason in 1983 and appointed to the line by MWGM Darrel Veach. Served as Master of the Lodge in 1989. Has been treasurer for twenty-one years, worked the ID program for three years, worked Trick or Treat on Main Street for the past three years. Works all fundraising shows. Was a mentor for about six years.

For the past nineteen years, worked as Senior Deacon in the Past Masters' Degree. Is a 2010 Meritorious Service Award recipient in Scottish Rite being recognized for 20+ years of degree work representing participation in a total of 80+ degree presentations in 40+ reunions and has enjoyed every minute of those years.

Joined the Hadi Shine in 1983.

Has had the privilege to conduct hundreds of investigations of prospective members of which five of those brothers have since gone through the line at the lodge and two have since become Potentate.
Jim Jones, PM

Past Master Jim Jones is also Past Secretary and looks forward to serving as Secretary of the year 2017.
Senior Deacon:   Christian Buck
Junior Deacon:   Zachary Parker
Senior Steward:   Danny Atchison
Junior Steward:
Max King
Chaplain:   Zachary Baughman
Tiler :
Rick Terrell
Organist:   Tom Edmond
Trustee I:
Randy Eades

Dedicated and Tireless Worker. Randy and his brother Terry have been a powerhouse in the renovation of our new lodge home.
Trusty II:
Terry Eades

Terry is the brother of Randy Eades. He is a fine man, good Mason, and a working Shriner. When it comes time to help out or we are looking for volunteers to put on a project, Terry is there.
This is his second year as a trusty for Evansville Lodge and he does the job well.
Trusty III:
Kenneth Roy, PM

Kenneth is Past Master of Evansville Lodge 64 and of Cynthiana Lodge 710. He is also a past secretary for both Evansville and Cynthiana.
He is now humbled with the opportunity to serve his brethren as a progressive officer in the line of the Indiana Grand Lodge. He asks for your prayers and continued support as he journeys this path.